Offering Beginner Samba, Samba kids, and Drumming every , Wednesday and Friday. Learn Brazilian dance and work up a sweat! All ages, men, women and children welcome!



Samba Classes for Adults

This is a basic Brazilian dance class that incorporates its Afro-Brazilian roots and the rhythms of Brazilian Samba. This class will make you sweat and get the samba carnaval body you want  at the same you will learn the different styles of Samba from Brazil. Live drumming accompanies this class

All levels of dance students are welcomed to experience a high energy class exploring the cultural diversity of brazil through movement and rhythm.

Samba KIDS

Bring your child to learn the fun and exciting rhythms and dances of Brazil! Students will practice motor skills through dance, meet new friends and build confidence.

Samba Dance Class

Samba Drumming Class

Samba drumming provides the heartbeat of Brazil’s vibrant musical culture. In our dynamic samba drumming workshops  you’ll learn not just how much fun samba drumming is but also that working as part of a team with your fellow sambadrummers produces an amazing sound.

Our samba drumming workshops are ideal for developing:

co-ordination   –   concentration   –    confidence   –

If you are interested in performing as a dancer or drummer with Samba Tucson, please start by attending our classes and workshops. Attendees are provided with helpful information including access to instructional videos, audio, and notation. We are always looking for more dancers & drummers, so we encourage you to get involved! If you are interested in performing as a dancer with Samba Tucson, start by attending our weekly dance class on Friday evenings, and watch for our next dance audition – we will be holding auditions throughout the year or you may contact us here.


Culture, art, rhythm and movements, traditional music and dance from Brazil, like if you were in the Rio Carnival!

Enjoy yourself and let you go through this rhythm.

Come and discover Samba Fitness…Samba Dance Workout is a sizzling Latin dance routine that is designed to give you a Brazilian Carnival Dance Workout. Learn how much of a workout the samba is from samba dance expert Raquel Call.

Samba Fitness


Monday 5:30 PM (Tucson Capoeira | United Capoeira Association )

All levels Capoeira

Tuesday 6:45 PM, Rec Center, Room A ( for the month of December!)

Beginner & Intro to Capoeira

Wednesday  6PM (Tucson Capoeira | United Capoeira Association )

Beginner & Intro to Capoeira

Thursday 6:45 PM, Rec Center, Room A ( for the month of December!)

Beginner & Intro to Capoeira

Friday 6:30 PM (Tucson Capoeira | United Capoeira Association )

Samba & Music ( w/ Samba Tucson)

Saturday 4PM (Tucson Capoeira | United Capoeira Association )

All levels Capoeira and Roda


Tucson Capoeira

University Tucson Capoeira Club


To truly answer this question , Tucson Capoeira referred to a brief history of capoeira , by
Mestre Acordeon;
Brief Description Of Capoeira
Capoeira is an art form hat involves movement, music, and elements of practical philosophy. One experiences the essence of capoeira by “playing” a physical game called jogo de capoeira (game of capoeira) or simply jogo. During this ritualized combat,two capoeiristas (players of capoeira) exchange movements of attack and defense in a constant flow while observing rituals and proper manners of the art. Both players attempt to control the space by confusing the opponent with feints and deceptive moves. During the jogo, the capoeiristas explore their strengths and weaknesses,fears and fatigue in a sometimes frustrating, but nevertheless enjoyable, challenging and constant process of personal expression,self-reflection and growth.

The speed and character of the jogo are generally determined by the many different rhythms of the berimbau, a one-string musical bow, which is considered to be the primary symbol of this art form. The berimbau is complemented by the pandeiro (tambourine),atabaque (single-headed standing drum), agogo (double bell), and reco-reco (grooved segment of bamboo scraped with a stick) to form a unique ensemble of instruments. Inspiring solos and collective singing in a call-and-response dialogue join the hypnotic percussion to complete the musical ambiance for the capoeira session. The session is called roda de capoeira, literally “capoeira wheel,”or simply roda. The term roda, refers to the ring of participants that defines the physical space for the two capoeiristas engaged in the ritualized combat.

Capoeira, a rich hybrid fight-like dance, dance-like fight, ritual, and way of life. Come see what we have to offer!

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