Samba Tucson gives students the opportunity to explore the techniques and rhythms of Brazilian dances, including Samba do Rio, Afro-Brazilian, Orixas movement and much more. Our goal is to provide the community with a supportive and energetic environment that brings students together in appreciation of culture, music and dance while encouraging health and happiness through movement.

If you are interested in performing as a dancer or drummer with Samba Tucson, please start by attending our classes and workshops. Attendees are provided with helpful information including access to instructional videos, audio, and notation. We are always looking for more dancers & drummers, so we encourage you to get involved! If you are interested in performing as a dancer with Samba Tucson, start by attending our weekly dance class on Friday evenings, and watch for our next dance audition – we will be holding auditions throughout the year or you may contact us here.

You can check out our CALENDAR for more dates and times. Don’t forget to subscribe to our calendar feed and latest news updates.